Electrical Inspections

To receive electrical service from Cowlitz PUD you must first obtain an electrical permit from the proper authority listed below.

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
All inspections in Cowlitz County and outside of Longview city limits
(360) 575-6900

City of Longview Community Development
All inspections inside of Longview city limits
(360) 442-5086

Once you receive the permit and the electrical work is completed, it must then be inspected and approved by the appropriate state or city inspector. The PUD is prohibited by Washington State law from connecting your service until we are notified by the inspector that the work is approved.

Once all of the requirements have been met and inspected by your PUD representative, power will be installed as soon as possible. Normal turnaround time for installation, once released by your PUD representative, is 3–5 days. The possibility exists that a power outage or other unforeseen circumstances could cause a delay.

Please contact your PUD representative if you have any questions.